Loblaws Agrees to Remove Shark Fin Soup

A few days ago it came to our attention that Loblaws and Canadian Superstores were planning on stocking their shelves with cans of shark fin soup just in time for Chinese New Year.

Today, we at Oceanic Defence could not be more excited to announce that President and CEO, Galen Weston and the Loblaws grocery chain which includes Canadian Superstores has removed Shark Fin products from their shelves due to a public protest by concerned citizens everywhere.

Oceanic Defence thanks Mr. Weston and the entire management team that has put our environment ahead of profit. If we only had more responsible business owners like Mr. Weston we could really address this epidemic head-on.

We urge you to make environmental choices when to comes to not only the car you drive and the clothes you wear but also the businesses where you buy your groceries. Consider Loblaw's.

Congratualtions and Thank you.

We will post their official release once we receive it.

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