Shame!! - Canada Opens 2009 Seal Hunt

CHARLOTTETOWN, Canada, March 23, 2009
It is that time of year again when Canada is thrust into the international spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Canada's commercial seal hunt is the largest hunt for marine mammals in the world. Sealers are allowed to kill 280,000 harp seal pups this year, provided they have begun to molt their white coats, which occurs when the animals are about two weeks old.

This image above is that of a harp seal with its skull crushed by the clubs the hunters first swing to immobilize the seal. The hunters then skin the seal on the pristine white snow. It has been well documented that some of these seal pups are STILL ALIVE when the hunters begin to hack and slice their skin off then leave them to finally die a ravaged inhumane death.

We here at Oceanic Defence are embarrassed to be Canadians and call on all citizens of the world to ban ALL CANADIAN PRODUCTS until Stephen Harper outlaws this barbaric hunt. We are hoping Canada follows Russia's recent ban.


To learn more about IFAW's efforts to end the Canadian commercial seal hunt, visit www.stopthesealhunt.org | www.ifaw.org


Craig Clasen - A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

Have you ever heard that expression a picture is worth a 1000 words. Well we thought we would supply you with two sources - both from Clasen and his roving band of shark hunters.

1) a quote directly from Clasen's mouth. 2) the photo they took shortly after brutally killing the Tiger Shark.

Read the quote above, read it again. Now look at Clasen's eyes and notice the remorseful smile. Do you see the "remorse" he professes to the media? Neither do we. Looks like one frame away from chest thumping to this editor.

We'll continue to expose this shame and push for publicity.

Shame on all involved.

Over the coming days we will speak to shark behaviorists and prove that this event was completely premeditated or at the very least opportunistic.

One other point. After being "so devastated" by the events leading up to the death of the shark the men report that they then filleted the shark and ate it shisimi style.

Self-defense or Brutal Attack?

For the past few days we have been hearing all kinds of buzz about Craig Clasen, the spear fisherman that was allegedly attacked by a tiger shark while spear fishing.

While tiger sharks can be aggressive they will give you plenty of warning that you are in danger.

Clasen and his crew may have pushed their luck and turned this event into a publicity stunt. And as a result you may have seen them on the Today Show where that news program promoted it with a sensational title: "man vs. shark".

The brutal mutilation of the shark and the "trophy-style pictures" that were taken of Clasen and the various body parts of that beautiful shark are overwhelmingly stomach turning. To us, this picture is not that of a traumatized free diver that he professes, look at his face...proud. Disgusting. Hopefully, the footage and still pictures taken during this barbaric acts can be used prosecute all the parties involved.