Self-defense or Brutal Attack?

For the past few days we have been hearing all kinds of buzz about Craig Clasen, the spear fisherman that was allegedly attacked by a tiger shark while spear fishing.

While tiger sharks can be aggressive they will give you plenty of warning that you are in danger.

Clasen and his crew may have pushed their luck and turned this event into a publicity stunt. And as a result you may have seen them on the Today Show where that news program promoted it with a sensational title: "man vs. shark".

The brutal mutilation of the shark and the "trophy-style pictures" that were taken of Clasen and the various body parts of that beautiful shark are overwhelmingly stomach turning. To us, this picture is not that of a traumatized free diver that he professes, look at his face...proud. Disgusting. Hopefully, the footage and still pictures taken during this barbaric acts can be used prosecute all the parties involved.

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