3 Simple and Easy Things You Can Do to Save the Ocean

People are often shocked when they find out about the health of our ocean. Whether it's The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico or the depletion of fish stocks, there is one common thread throughout; you and I, the consumer.

We are a convenience based society but it is these very conveniences that is making our ocean sick. And with every takeout container, water bottle, shopping bag we use, we strip yet another layer of health away from a very fragile system in danger of collapse. Like a patient on life support who needs constant care our ocean need a major transfusion of common sense to come out of this plastic coma.

So today, we vow to change our ways, to think before we buy and to consciously make decisions for the betterment of not only our ocean but the environment as a whole and ultimately ourselves.

Three simple & easy things YOU can do starting today:

  1. STOP using one use plastic grocery bags - buy reusable canvas bags, keep them in your car and use them. Did you know that each year we use 500 billion plastic bags world wide and that each bag takes upwards of 1000 years to biodegrade in landfills?

  2. STOP buying bottled water - buy a reusable water container* (you'll save money!), there are many on the market. Plastic water bottles take over 700 years to biodegrade. 8/10 bottles in the USA end up in landfills - Yes ONLY 20% of people recycle their bottles!

  3. START Recycling - If you do not currently recycle start today! Plastic, cans, bottles and cardboard do not belong in landfills. Try it with your family, make a game of it; put aside these items and at the end of the week see how much your trash is decreased. Besides, you are throwing money away! You can get refunds for most of what you are currently throwing out*.
Over the coming weeks Oceanic Defense will put together a step-by-step guide for consumers. It will feature different ways you can protect the ocean based on your own conservation levels.

* Did you know that if you stopped buying bottled water and started recycling you could have enough money saved at the end of the year to go away on a vacation?

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