OD Announces Great Barrier Reef Swim

Miami Beach , Florida, November 08, 2009.
-- Oceanic Defense is honored to announce our partnership with The Great Barrier Reef Swim. This unprecedented conservation effort features two world class swimmers; Rob Hutchings & Todd Cameron. The guys will swim the entire length of the Great Barrier Reef to educate and activate people on our ocean's plight.

Canadian swimmers Rob & Todd are also joined by Toni Nossitler the founder of Walk For Awareness. Toni will perform her Reef Walk simultaneously to bring more land based interest and support.

This conservation event is a first in the history of The Great Barrier Reef. The swim/hike will cover 2300km and is set to start between October 15 & November 01, 2010. Rob and Todd will meet Toni in selected locations along the way promoting aquatic conservation issues and chatting with children, community groups and the media.

Watch our website for more important announcements including the launch of the Great Barrier Reef Swim website wholly sponsored by Oceanic Defense.

In the meantime you can follow the GBRSwim's blog here: http://greatbarrierreefswim.blogspot.com

If you would like to donate to the Great Barrier Reef Swim you can do so by Direct Debit in Australia: Account name: Great Barrier Reef Swim BSB: 015 367 Account No: 4790 62552

For more information visit:
Oceanic Defense
Great Barrier Reef Swim on Facebook
Walk For Awareness

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