Our friends at the Environmental Defense Fund need our help:

So far 70,000 of you took action and emailed your Senators opposing this "Dirty Air Act." Thank you to everyone who took action.

However, rumors continue to swirl on Capitol Hill that the Murkowski bill could still come to a vote at any time.

We need your continued support to fight back this attack on the Clean Air Act and our ability to hold polluters accountable.


In 2007, the Supreme Court ruled that global warming pollutants are covered by the Clean Air Act.

The Obama EPA has begun carrying out the law by taking steps to limit global warming pollution from cars and from large power plants and factories.

Instead of embracing this progress, Senator Murkowski's measure would strike at the heart of the Clean Air Act, blocking these actions and letting America's biggest polluters off the hook.

And she is using a little-known procedural maneuver called the Congressional Review Act to move a "resolution of disapproval" very quickly to the Senate floor, perhaps in a matter of days.

Vote counts in the Senate suggest this could be close. Senator Murkowski's resolution already has dozens of cosponsors, and it requires only 51 votes to pass.

Please take action today.

If enacted, the measure would permanently bar the Environmental Protection Agency from requiring big polluters to cut their emissions of greenhouse gases.

It's a veritable "Dirty Air Act," and it's a serious threat to our fight against global warming.

Please take action today: Urge your Senators to oppose this attack on the Clean Air Act.

Thank you for your activism and support,
Environmental Defense Action Fund

Please do 3 things right now:

1. If you haven't already, please email your Senators to oppose the Murkowski bill. Even if you have already taken action, it doesn't hurt to send your Senators another email ;-)

2. If you have the time, please call your Senators to oppose the Murkowski bill. We've heard that Congressional offices consider each call they receive to be worth 100 or more emails. Please call now to make your voice heard.

3. Please forward this email to everyone you know and urge them to take action.

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