Last Call to Help Pass the Shark Conservation Act of 2009 - TAKE ACTION!

Tell Congress that live sharks are priceless. (Image: www.papercraftcentral.net)

Aquatic Army Call to Action!

This week is the last chance to pass the long-overdue Shark Conservation Act of 2009; ten years over-due. For details on the long, frustrating journey of this important bill and the value of our sharks to maintaining healthy oceans, check out The Selkie Society article, entitled Oh, go on, call your Senators to chat about sharks; you KNOW you want to!
Our friends at Ocean Champions - "the only political voice for the oceans" - are working hard on Capital Hill this week to help get this and other important ocean-related bills passed in what is left of this session, and with their guidance we can target our efforts to help them!

Specifically, do you live and/or vote in any of these states; Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, West Virginia, Florida or New Hampshire? Or know someone who does that you can forward this to? If so, PLEASE contact YOUR Senators only with the following simple message:

Maine Residents/Voters only
- Senator Snowe (ME) ph. 202-224-5344
- Senator Collins (ME) ph. 202-224-2523

Massachusetts Residents/Voters only
- Senator Brown (MA) ph. 202-224-4543

Mississippi Residents/Voters only
- Senator Wicker (MS) ph. 202-224-6253

West Virginia Residents/Voters only
- Senator Rockefeller (WV) ph. 202-224-6472

Florida Residents/Voters only
- Senator Bill Nelson (FL) ph. 202-224-5274
- Senator LeMieux (FL) ph. 202-224-3041

New Hampshire Residents/Voters only
- Senator Judd Gregg (NH) ph. 202-224-3324

Ask for the staffer who deals with environmental issues, and quickly, respectfully share your love of sharks and the oceans while being sure to state, "Please tell the Senator that I support passing the lands/water package and hope that he will vote for it." Courteous is always best - they just need to know that their constituents are in favor of the package that includes the Shark Conservation Act of 2009.

Or, you can send a fax directly to your Senators with an activist eBlast from Ocean Champions  in support of "a package of land and water conservation bills, most of which have already been passed in the House. This includes the important Harmful Algal Bloom / Dead Zone bill, which is being used to anchor the package, along with over a hundred others, including bills to protect marine turtles and to end the brutal practice of shark finning in U.S. waters."

And remember, when it comes to oceans you have a voice, use it! You can always reach any of your elected officials at: www.congress.org.

~ For the Oceans,
Samantha Whitcraft
Marine Conservation Biologist

(with guidance from Mike Dunmyer, Ocean Champions)

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