Supervalu/Albertson's: Complete Environmental Disregard

Costa Mesa California -- After weeks of campaigning, urging Supervalu/Albertson's to stand up and embrace their environmental stewardship hype from their own website we find out that head office has not communicated anything to their stores.

Yesterday, Oceanic Defense performed spot checks on multiple locations in Orange County California. In the 3 cities we canvased we found shark in 2 of the 3.

We spoke to employees and sea food managers at multiple locations in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach California. Not one employee was aware of any type of environmental wrong doing. We informed employees that what they were selling was an endangered species and that their stores should stop selling it immediately. Most were shocked. They said: "Wow, I had no idea? I wasn't told anything by head office." Others said: "I don't really stock it, its not a good seller. The only time I bring it in is when I am told to by management when it appears in the flyer."

Oceanic Defense is truly disappointed with the handling of this global issue by one of the largest grocery chains in the USA. Stephanie Martin, director of communications refuses to acknowledge the wanton disregard both she and her entire organization has towards the aquatic environment. She continues to ignore our requests and shelters the rest of the "environmental stewards" from any sort of ethical realization. Until now...

Thanks to Supervalu insiders we now have top level email addresses for you.

This evening we are releasing the names and email addresses of the Supervalu board members. Earlier today we sent each member an email asking them to reconsider the company's decision to sell this endangered species. Unfortunately, we did not receive a single reply. (see email below)

Please feel free to contact them and voice your own dissatisfaction. As always please send an email to our friend Stephanie Martin: Stephanie.Martin@supervalu.com

Introducing the Supervalu Board of Directors

Craig Herkert - Craig.Herkert@supervalu.com SUPERVALU CEO

Jeff Noddle - Jeff.Noddle@supervalu.com Executive Chairman

Mike Jackson - Mike.Jackson@supervalu.com President and Chief Operating Officer

David Boehnen - David.Boehnen@supervalu.com Executive Vice President

Janel Haugarth - Janel.Haugarth@supervalu.com Executive Vice President; President and Chief Operating Officer, Supply Chain Services

Pamela Knous Executive Vice President; Chief Financial Officer

Duncan Mac Naughton - Duncan.MacNaughton@supervalu.com Executive Vice President, Merchandising and Marketing

Dave Pylipow - Dave.Pylipow@supervalu.com Executive Vice President, Human Resources

Kevin Tripp - Kevin.Tripp@supervalu.com Executive Vice President; President, Retail Midwest

Pete Van Helden - Pete.VanHelden@supervalu.com Executive Vice President; President, Retail West

A copy or our email to each board member follows:

Hello All,

It is with great disappointment that I must contact you. Recently it came to our organization’s attention that Supervalu was involved in the destruction of a globally identified endangered species by selling Thresher shark at some of your affiliate locations.

Communications were made and returned with form letters from Stephanie Martin, director of communications. She did not address the issues we introduced nor seemed to understand the implications this has on a global species. As more and more people received the same letter from Supervalu it became clear that a campaign was needed to illustrated the devastating affects Supervalu continues to make on the aquatic ecosystem.

Our blog summarizes the struggle we have had with Ms. Martin & Supervalu. You will find documented evidence from both the IUCN and the EDF proving that what Supervalu sells is considered a globally endangered species. In this day and age we can no longer think locally. We are all part of a global community and economy. We must think globally.



Any type of large pelagic animal is dangerous to consume but sharks rank highest in the amount of methyl mercury they contain. The FDA states that shark meat has 60 times more mercury that should be ingested in a daily diet. They go on to say that women and children should NEVER consume the meat. Why would you sell it?

Regardless of the above fact the most pressing issue is the global depletion of the shark population. Sharks are close to 90% extinct due to overfishing and the shark fin trade. By selling shark meat you are directly or indirectly contributing to the eradication of a species.

Your website makes claims of “environmental stewardship” and “global awareness” but ignoring such facts completely unravels any sort of environmental leadership.

We have continued to contact Ms. Martin, she ignores our emails and lacks the environmental understanding of just what Supervalu is doing to our environment. Oceanic Defense canvassed many locations around the country yesterday. We spoke to the people working behind the sea food counters and informed them of the devastating affects the selling of shark has on the global community. They were shocked to say the least and were not aware of such issues. This shows that Ms. Martin has not communicated any of these real issues to the people at the store level. Many people have vowed to boycott Supervalu and its affiliates until sharks are removed from your sea food counters.

We urge you to stop selling a proven globally endangered species and really shine as the environmental stewards your websites claims to be.

We are here to assist you in the transition to a shark free shopping experience.

About Oceanic Defense
Oceanic Defense is a world wide organization with membership in over 60 countries, spanning 6 continents with 1 mission: Healthy aquatic ecosystems free of human abuse and neglect. Our mission is to illustrate the fact that what we do as consumers has a direct impact on our ocean’s health.

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