Supervalu/Albertson's Obilivous to Their Impact on the Environment

Southern California - Supervalu/Albertson's and their affiliates continue to deny the issue of global shark endangerment. They ignore the facts of the The International Union for Conservation of Nature and the Environmental Defense Fund.

Supervalu representatives don't seem to care about the plight of sharks on an international level and see the local harvesting of Thresher Shark to be perfectly OK.

They do not seem to grasp the concept of "global" sustainability on a "local" level. The contribution of the extinction of a species in any manor should be deemed environmental negligence.

Frustration inside the ivory tower
We have been contacted by many concerned employees of Supervalu and their affiliates after learning of this issue that agree the company is out of touch with reality and offered their support from inside the organization to bring change.

It is only a matter of time before this product is removed from the sea food counters of Supervalu and its affiliates.

Many people have contacted their local stores and informed them of their outrage and in no uncertain terms let these stores know that they will not step foot inside another Albertson's or other store until the product is removed.

We thank everyone involved in this most unfortunate environmental fiasco brought on by a company clearly out of touch with the true meaning of global sustainability.

We will continue to bring you developments as the occur.

Contact the following:

Stephanie Martin
Director of Communications

Supervalu Corporate contact:

Albertson's contact:

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