“I Can Make a Difference for the Ocean”

Oceanic Defense's "Education and Activation Weekend" Essay Contest Winner: Megan Ely

Spiritualist Mahatma Gandhi once said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” For anyone to make a difference, these must be the words lived, breathed, and acted upon. The world is ultimately mute in the scheme of things, and more people need to believe they can speak on her behalf. Largely the problems originate from the greatest of her ebbing life sources—the cascading falls and wondrous oceans. Such a mammoth task cannot be perfected as simply as it is written on paper.
Effort starts in the home—a shorter shower here, more water-saving technologies there. Information is passed from conscientious parent to child, or vice versa. These households fall into the category of unsung heroes. Individually, modestly, they make their statement ring clear to those unaware of the situation.
I am not one of those to sit back and watch the degeneration. Making a difference is nothing; I strive to make a greater impact than that. The oceans can only push and pull. There is no garbage disposal or button for it to press to be cleaned. Keeping that in mind and reality in check, the only obvious way to help the oceans is, as often as possible, to rid the bays and shores of debris.
Raising awareness of the wildlife at stake and promoting volunteer activities are merely stepping stones. Change undoubtedly stems from understanding. Imagine planting one small seed in a person can cultivate a forest of mindfulness enduring for generations. I wish to inspire others through my actions and lead by example a group of those willing to join arms in the long-term battle. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and our oceans cannot be fixed in one.
~ Megan Ely, MAST Academy Student 
(selected by Captain Pete Bethune and Samantha Whitcraft)

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  1. I think this is awesome. Please let us know when the next contest is. Carter and Olivia started One More Generation (OMG) for this exact reason. They would be great candidates and great role models for kids everywhere. Check out their website and make sure to watch their OMG Video on their site which is a . org at the end of One More Generation ;-)