South Florida, is your neighborhood "safe for sharks"?

                           Photo credit: newscientist.com

TAKE ACTION to protect sharks using this simple list of restaurants that serve shark fin soup.

Follow these three easy steps...

1. Scroll down the list, below, and find your nearest neighborhood restaurant.

2. Call them; explain politely that neither you nor your friends nor your family would ever consider eating at a restaurant that serves shark fin soup. Explain that shark populations have declined by 90% globally and that the shark fin trade is one of the main reasons. Tell them you'd rather have a healthy ocean than a bowl of soup. Pick the next restaurant on the list and repeat.

3. Forward this list to your friends and family and ask them to do the same.

Hong Kong City
5301 N. State Road 7
Tamarac, FL 33319
(954) 777-3832

Silver Pond Restaurant
4285 N. State Road 7
Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319
(954) 486-8885

Uncle Tai's
5250 Town Center Cir #143
Boca Raton, FL 33486
(561) 368-8806

Yeung's Mandarin House
1201 N. Federal Hwy.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
(954) 561-1888 

Mr. Chu's Hong Kong Cuisine
890 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 538 8424

Red Lantern Chinese Restaurant
3176 Commodore Plaza
Miami, FL 33133-5818
(305) 529-9998

South Garden Chinese Restaurant
10855 SW 72nd St
Miami, FL 33173
(305) 274-9099

Tony Chan's Water Club
1717 N. Bayshore Drive
Miami, Florida 33132
(305) 374-8888

Tropical Chinese Restaurant
7991 Bird Rd
Miami, FL 33155
(305) 262-1552

Yeung's Chinese Restaurant Inc
954 W 41st St
Miami Beach, FL 33140
(305) 672-1144

To more find lists of restaurants serving shark fin soup in other cities, go to Animal Welfare Institute

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